Chris Toplack | Things Pregnant Women Can’t Stand To Smell
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Things Pregnant Women Can’t Stand To Smell

Things Pregnant Women Can’t Stand To Smell

First and foremost, any mother who has gone through 9 months of labour to deliver a child has my upmost respect. I can imagine there are quite a few ups and downs throughout those roller coaster months. I recently came across a blog that polled readers about smells they couldn’t stand when they were pregnant.

Here’s the list! 

•  Chicken

•  The Fridge

•  Sub Sandwiches

•  Bad Breath

•  Slim Jims

•  Bacon

•  Raw Meat

•  Coffee

•  The Car

•  Deli

•  Menthol

•  Fast Food

•  Bananas

•  Perfume

•  Mint

•  Pizza

•  Hand Sanitizer

•  Caramels

•  Dog Food

•  Red Meat

Dear Moms: Are there any other items that belong on this list? Add them on my Facebook Fan Page!



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