The Drifter

The Drifter

Throughout my life, I’ve been somewhat of a drifter. I absorb new knowledge and skills and ensure that I share it with others in a digestible manner that can benefit them. My goal is to always be a freedom from concern.

When my work is no longer required, I quietly move on to the next challenge. At times, it can be lonely as the drifter, but it’s also incredibly freeing. I’m not subjected to the pressure of peers or the burden of expectation. Instead, I’m simply observing, absorbing and applying.

This leads me to not particularly focus much on the past or live with any regret as I choose to live in the present with an emphasis on the future as it’s understandably motivating.

The quest for knowledge never ends; it just leads to more curiosities that lead to a greater mind. That’s why I drift.

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