The Dawghouse – “A Modern Day Cheers”

The Dawghouse – “A Modern Day Cheers”

A good friend of mine treated me to a belated birthday lunch at Dawghouse on Sunday. The atmosphere was extremely friendly with customers laughing, smiling and conversing with each other. I instantly felt at home. Our waitress was very personable and made our experience even more enjoyable.

I ordered the Marmaduke burger (a 12 oz burger patty topped with cheese, bacon, fried onion rings, and thousand island dressing) along with sweet potato fries on the side. The burger itself was well cooked and massive! As a foodie who often orders sweet potato fries, these were among the best I have tried in recent memory.

The prices are also extremely reasonable as our bill was less than $30. 

Not only will I return to the Dawghouse, but it has instantly become one of my new favourites.


Visit their website for more details! 



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