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Beer Review – PUMPKING

Mini Beer Review: The Southern Tier Brewing Company is based out of New York and is responsible for many multi-layered beers. The PUMPKING seasonal offering has been on my radar for a few years and I just finally had an opportunity to sit down and indulge. Who says October needs to pass us by so quickly? 

Appearance: The rich copper colour is quite appealing and traditionally expected from the majority of pumpkin ales. 

Scent: Pumpkin pie, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and butter. It’s certainly easy on the nose. 

Taste: Smoothy and creamy. The taste of pumpkin is initially very prominent, but then slowly starts to reveal other flavours such as a pie crust, vanilla bean and candy corn. 

Overall: This was one of my final new pumpkin ales of the season and I was not at all disappointed. The 8.6 ABV is hidden rather nicely, but still manages to appear when appropriate. While this particular beer might be considered too sweet for some, I would still highly recommend picking up a bottle or two. 





Beer Review – Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale

Mini Beer Review: If you’re a true beer enthusiast, you are likely well aware of the reputation Dogfish Head Brewery has rightfully earned. In fact, this particular pumpkin ale is often regarded as one of the best in the North America. So does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a closer look! 

Appearance: At first glance, the colour is truly stunning. The medium amber hue embodies a true pumpkin ale. 

Scent: Initially, brown sugar and nutmeg jumped out at me, but I also eventually caught some pumpkin on a second attempt. 

Taste: During my first sip, the pumpkin flavour was quite subtle, but eventually settles in nicely along with the additional spices. 

Overall: Add this to the endless pile of overwhelming positive reviews. It easily ranks among the Top 3 pumpkin ales I have ever consumed. I was shocked that a beer with a higher percentage of alcohol could be so drinkable. A winner on virtually every level imaginable. 



Beer Review – Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale

Mini Beer Review: This seasonal brew is courtesy of the Toronto, Ontario based Great Lakes Brewery. Putting aside my obvious love of pumpkin ales, I was instantly attracted to their effective use of branding. At 650ml per bottle, it’s just enough for a few pints worth of fall. 

Appearance: Most pumpkin brews possess a natural amber colour, but this was closer to a darker golden shade. 

Scent: The nutmeg immediately jumped out followed closely by malty sweetness. 

Taste: The first mouthful went hand and hand with the scent mentioned above. It starts off fairly spicy and finishes with a sharpness that leads to a slightly bitter aftertaste.   

Overall: Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale is both drinkable and well balanced. While it lacks that definitive pumpkin taste of my all time favourites, this is still arguably one of the better seasonal offerings available in Canada.