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Chris Toplack | Patience Is A Virtue

Patience Is A Virtue

Patience Is A Virtue

The work you produce today could matter tomorrow.

As you implement strategies and produce content, it’s important to remember that you may not receive recognition overnight.

Be patient.

Even the greatest content takes time to appreciate and it’s often a matter of right place, right time for the quality to shine through.

Take Nick Drake as an example.

Upon releasing his album Pink Moon in 1972, it was a commercial flop, only selling 5,000 copies.

In 1999, Volkswagen used the title track from Pink Moon in one of their commercials and suddenly, a spotlight was placed on his work which led to a major boost in record sales.

As the years passed, Nick’s work has received critical acclaim, deservedly so, while over 2 million Spotify listeners stream his music on a monthly basis.

Sadly, we lost Nick in late 1974 due to a suspected suicide and he never had an opportunity to see his brilliant art resonate with millions of others.

Be patient.

I still tell myself this on a daily basis.

The cover of Nick Drake’s 1972 album “Pink Moon.”
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