Chris Toplack | Moving On: The Best Revenge Of All
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Moving On: The Best Revenge Of All

Moving On: The Best Revenge Of All

I am sure there has been at least one moment in your life when you felt the urge to gain revenge on a person or situation. Perhaps you were deceived, mislead, betrayed or even abandoned. You have this vision of rising from the ashes to conquer all and reign supreme. You want to gain the upper hand and embarrass those who have held you down for too long. 

Well, I’m about to share with you the best revenge of all, moving on!


I firmly believe that moving on from a person, situation or company that has purposely set out to deceive you or hold you down is the best revenge of all. Proving that you can be the better person and take the high road. Proving that you can still be successful and stay true to yourself. That’s what revenge should be all about.

I would like to share a story with you.

An old friend of mine from college was recently released from his job. It was no fault of his own, but to say he felt betrayed is a vast understatement. He was absolutely devastated and in a state of shock.

His contributions to the company over a 6-year span were undeniable. He earned a large sum of money, made hundreds of business deals, gained the respect of his fellow co-workers and was widely considered to be their biggest asset. What went wrong? One of his bosses made a horrible mistake that cost the company a great deal of money and rather than accept fault, he blamed it on my friend.

We were recently in touch over Facebook and I asked, “How did you deal with such a messy situation?”

His response: “I felt betrayed and angered, but realized that moving on and finding success elsewhere was the best revenge of all. Why bother going to war when I’m naturally a peaceful person.”

He took the high road and did manage to find success elsewhere.

Good people don’t always finish last. It just takes a positive attitude and patience to find that golden opportunity. Don’t ever allow the lingering thought of revenge bring you down to someone else’s level. Keep your head high, move on and never look back! The rest will eventually fall into place. 


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