Beer Review: Great Lakes Nosferatu

Beer Review: Great Lakes Nosferatu

Often hailed as one of the finest breweries in America, Great Lakes only release this Nosferatu Red Ale during the fall season. The Internet community has met Great Lakes Nosferatu with critical acclaim and I was eagerly awaiting my first pint.

Appearance: It’s advertised as a rich deep blood red colour, but it’s slightly lighter than
that. Never the less, it’s truly stunning and easy on the eyes.

Scent: It’s fairly sweet with a prominent mix of caramel.

Taste: The first couple of sips were quite bitter, but eventually the sweetness settles in with hints of fruit and citrus. The aftertaste is extremely hoppy with a hint of smokiness.

Overall: Is Great Lakes Nosferatu worthy of the wide spread praise it has been receiving? Absolutely! Everything about this particular brew is unique and the flavour combinations were outstanding. Once you get past the first couple of sips, you are in for quite the treat. 


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