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Chris Toplack | Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Given the current landscape of the world, this is an excellent time to engage in knowledge transfer with colleagues, friends and like-minded professionals. 

I made a post about this, days ago, on how I love absorbing new knowledge and skills and then ensuring I share it with others in a digestible manner that can benefit them. 

Just as marketers are taught to A/B test nearly everything they do, you should apply the same mindset in your professional lives as it’s not simply relegated to the world of business. 

It applies to everyone. 

Whether it’s a new way to respond to a client, how to effectively pitch a decision-maker, problem-solving, objection handling, you name it, it’s great to hear what works for others and to add it to your repertoire.

Every week, I provide new strategies to colleagues and the feedback is incredibly important since the best decisions are made with facts, absolutes and statistics behind them. So whether a specific message is working or not, you want to know about it and importantly, share it with others. 

Remember, hoarding knowledge only benefits you, so let’s continue to exchange valuable tips and strategics so we can all get ahead together. 

I’m a private message away if you ever want to start that conversation.

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