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You Don’t Have To Be Blood To Be Family

Earlier in the week, a close friend of mine ended up moving out West to start a new life with his family. These recent turn of events were quite bittersweet. I was excited for their new beginnings, but disappointed to lose touch with a close friend. We will still communicate through email and Skype, but there will be a noticeable void in both of our lives.  Friends are few and far between but in reality, family members are even fewer.

I began reflecting on all of the amazing people in my life and how I am so fortunate that they love and value me as a human being. I only allow a small number of people into my inner circle, but I consider each and every one of them family. I treasure these relationships and they positively influence my life on a daily basis.

 I don’t associate the word family with blood. I associate the word family with love and trust. These are the same individuals who have stuck by me through the best of times and worst of times. Isn’t that what family is all about? 

I could write a long and detailed blog explaining my philosophy on family and friendship, but that’s not my style. I believe in simplicity and this photograph can sum up my entire blog in 5 simple words.

















Biggest Workplace Time Wasters

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of wasting time at work. Some surf the internet all day, while others simply do everything humanly possible to avoid any form of a work. 

Here are the biggest time wasters from survey of American workers. 

23.4% say socializing with co-workers was their #1 distraction at work.

14% say that talking with co-workers was their #1 time waster.

77% of workers who have a Facebook account use it during work, and for some that means spending up to 2 hours on the site.

Most popular time-wasting websites: Facebook (41%); LinkedIn (37%); Yahoo (31%); Google (28%); Twitter (8%); Pinterest (4%)

64% say they visit non-work related websites every day during work hours.

69% of employed respondents say they’re either actively seeking a new job or open to job offers.

46% reported spending time job hunting during work hours on company computers.

47% say their biggest time-waster is having to attend too many meetings.

4% of those polled said spacing out was their #1 distraction at work.

23% of employees reported wasting time out of boredom.

Can you think of any that you would add to the list?

















The Best Restaurant in London, Ontario

Last fall, I created a YouTube video of my Top 5 Favourite Restaurants in London, Ontario. I’m embarrassed to say that the list is extremely dated and completely inaccurate. Yes, toss that previous list out the window because my new list begins and ends with Shmokey Rob & Sons Southern Eatery.

Click the photo below for my YouTube spotlight on Shmokey’s














The Dawghouse – “A Modern Day Cheers”

A good friend of mine treated me to a belated birthday lunch at Dawghouse on Sunday. The atmosphere was extremely friendly with customers laughing, smiling and conversing with each other. I instantly felt at home. Our waitress was very personable and made our experience even more enjoyable.

I ordered the Marmaduke burger (a 12 oz burger patty topped with cheese, bacon, fried onion rings, and thousand island dressing) along with sweet potato fries on the side. The burger itself was well cooked and massive! As a foodie who often orders sweet potato fries, these were among the best I have tried in recent memory.

The prices are also extremely reasonable as our bill was less than $30. 

Not only will I return to the Dawghouse, but it has instantly become one of my new favourites.


Visit their website for more details! 




The New Studio

The acoustic panels are up and the studio is complete. This is the new home of Ultimate Fighting Weekly and my next project, The Chris Toplack Show. 




































UFC 160 Thoughts

Since I am unable to record and still in the process of getting the new studio together, I figured I would still write down my thoughts on UFC 160.


Fight of the Night – Junior Dos Santos vs Mark Hunt – Nearly 3 rounds of stand up action and heavy bombs being thrown, well deserved!

Submission of the Night – Glover Teixeira – Given that this was the only submission on the entire card, I think this was a no brainer

Knockout of the Night – TJ Grant’s knockout over Gray Maynard was ultra impressive, but JDS landed a freakin’ spinning back kick on Mark Hunt followed by a huge ground strike to finish him and rightfully deserved the honour. Dana claims that it was Mike Tyson that vetoed the original decision to give JDS the bonus and felt TJ deserved it. While I absolutely love and respect Mike Tyson, when did he have so much pull in the UFC!?!?

Main Card

I went 4/5 with my picks and was extremely pleased with the upset that ruined my recent streak of perfection.

Donald Cerrone vs KJ Noons

The Cowboy continues to improve and adds new tools to his arsenal. This is the mark of an elite Lightweight and he deserves a Top 10 opponent in his next bout. I was very impressed with his willingness to take the fight to the ground. Aside from a few combinations, KJ looked exhausted and couldn’t find his rhythm.

TJ Grant vs Gray Maynard 

Gray Mayard had some definite power behind those punches and at one point, clearly stunned TJ. The pride of Nova Scotia landed an amazing right hand that dropped Gray and from there, it was only a matter of time before the referee stepped in. TJ Grant pulled off the upset against a very durable opponent and will now get a shot at the Lightweight Champion, Benson Henderson. He poses many problems to the champ with his size and power so I can’t wait to see them throw down by the end of the summer. 

Glover Teixeria vs James Te-Huna

With all due respect to the very talented James Te-Huna, Glover is leagues above him on any given night. Glover has a well-rounded game and most definitely deserves a Top 5 opponent in the Light Heavyweight Division. After the dust settles at UFC 161, I would like to see who Glover will be matched up with.

Junior Dos Santos vs Mark Hunt

It was a battle between two of the most elite strikers in all of mixed martial artists. Many were claiming that aside from Cain, Mark Hunt was the toughest test to date for JDS. I firmly disagree with this statement and predicted that the speed and accurate combinations would prove to be too much for Mark Hunt and that he would succumb to punches. Fortunately, my prediction proved to be correct. Yes, Mark Hunt is an underdog with a granite chin and heavy hands, but he simply isn’t a Top 5 Heavyweight. End of story.  I would love to see the UFC matchup Mark Hunt with Roy Nelson. It would be a battle of the heavy hands and granite chins. Sign me up! As for JDS, we’ll get to him in a bit.

Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Bigfoot Silva

This match up played out just as everyone had predicted. Bigfoot did not stand a chance against the speed, wrestling, volume of striking and cardio that Cain brings to the table. Cain is pound for pound one of the best fighters walking the face of the Earth. This match up was thrown together as the UFC had very few other options. Bigfoot can still pose many problems to the elite of the division, but will not be seeing a title opportunity at any point within the near future.

Cain vs JDS

Dana White announced that the trilogy is officially taking place next. JDS knocked out Cain within 64 seconds of the first fight and Cain dominated the second, beating JDS from pillar to post for all 5 rounds. The question is, will this fight play out like the first or second? Most say that Cain is in his element again and will likely duplicate his past performance over JDS. While I don’t disagree with that prediction, JDS will always have a punchers chance with his speed, combinations and power. I sincerely hope that this fight will take place in either Mexico or Texas. Can you imagine the reception for both fighters? 

Post UFC 160

At the post fight conference for UFC 160, Forrest Griffin announced his inevitable retirement. He cites that the main rational for this decision was based on not being able to stay healthy.  He also provided the media with a quote that really stuck with me.

“I was watching Wanderlai Silva vs Brian Stann and thought, if I don’t have a fight like that left in me, I need to walk away.”

I completely agree with Forrest Griffin’s decision. He leaves the UFC as a former champion and participated in arguably the most important fight in company history against Stephan Bonnar the The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale. Fans, fighters and media alike will remember Forrest for his heart and larger than life personality. While I am in full support of this decision and even called for it in a previous edition of Ultimate Fighter Weekly, the octagon will miss his presence. 

Note: Forest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar will be the next members of the UFC Hall of Fame.


















Week Off – Ultimate Fighting Weekly

After 16 straight episodes of Ultimate Fighting Weekly, I will be forced to miss our next edition of the program. Due to a move tomorrow, I will be taking the week off. The new studio should be up and running by next weekend. 

Follow my live play by play of UFC 160 on my Twitter account