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Thank You!

Thank You! 

I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation for your support of and Ultimate
Fighting Weekly. This website has attracted thousands of visitors and perhaps most importantly of all, Ultimate Fighting Weekly has achieved nearly 10,000 separate listeners in just 45 episodes. Unbelievable!

A Brief Background

After leaving the world of radio broadcasting for a career in sales and marketing, it was always my intention to return to the broadcasting realm on my own terms. I’ll be honest Country music was not exactly a real passion of mine. I have been a devoted UFC fan for the past decade and I figured, “Why not put my broadcasting background and UFC knowledge to good use?” Yes, it was the perfect marriage. Much like the majority of the general public, I put in long hours at my job to ensure top performance. Ultimate Fighting Weekly is one of the main reasons as to why I look forward to the weekend. It’s my escape and I’ve always been grateful for it.

The show itself is recorded every Sunday morning and remains honest, unscripted and solely produced by me.

As the fan base continues to grow, my desire to produce the highest quality UFC podcast imaginable does too. I promise you, the very best is yet to come! 

Happy New Year! 




The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale Predictions

The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 officially concludes tomorrow evening from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While the card lacks some serious star power, it still offers some very intriguing bouts that are worth tuning in for. Here are my predictions for the main card. 

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Raquel Pennington

Modafferi was arguably the best female grappler in the house, but I am not confident in her stand up abilities against the durable and powerful Pennington. I fully expect Pennington to avoid the takedown and finish it on the feet. 

Prediction: Raquel Pennington via TKO 


Jessamyn Duke vs. Peggy Morgan

Both competitors were the tallest women in the house and have eerily similar fighting styles. The noticeable differences work in Duke’s favour. Duke has a better ground game and seems to utilize her reach far more effectively. Duke should be able to pick apart Morgan on the feet in what appears to be an early “Fight of the Night” candidate. 

Prediction: Duke via Unanimous Decision


Chris Holdsworth vs. Davey Grant

Davey Grant has already held multiple title belts overseas,  but it’s Holdsworth that enters the fight as an overwhelming favourite thanks to his three first round submission victories on TUF. Grant is very well-rounded and has a ton of potential, but will fall apart once the fight is inevitably taken to the ground. 

Prediction: Holdsworth via Submission


Jessica Rakoczy vs. Julianna Pena

Rakoczy is a world champion boxer that will likely dictate the pace of this fight. With that being said, I sense that Pena’s tendency to brawl might actually pay off. Sure, she’s wild and not exactly technically sound, but she does possess a better than average ground game and has a great deal of power. 

Prediction: Pena via Unanimous Decision 


Gray Maynard vs Nate Diaz

In terms of relevancy at Lightweight and in the UFC as a whole, this is perhaps their most career defining moment. Historically, Nate Diaz has always struggled against wrestlers and this tends to be his achilles heel. Gray Maynard will look to take this fight to ground and remain there until the final bell. 

Prediction: Gray Maynard via Unanimous Decision