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The original concept of this website was to connect with you and I intended on accomplishing this feat through the use of advice, opinions, personal stories and humour.  With the recent success of Ultimate Fighting and a new partnership with, I have decided that it is within my best interest to revamp my dated blog section. Rather than continue with traditional written pieces, I felt that audio blogs would be much more engaging and ultimately more entertaining. As opposed to my weekly podcast, I won’t have a set schedule for these audio blogs, but intend on posting one every couple of weeks. 

I sincerely hope that you enjoy them. 



A Slice Of Heaven – Formaggio’s Pie Shack Review

As a foodie, I am embarrassed to admit that I just FINALLY got around to tasting the brilliance that is Formaggio’s.

I read all of the overwhelmingly positive reviews and my interest reached an all time peak.A friend/work colleague of mine decided that it was about time I was introduced to “Pizza Heaven.”

I sampled the Meat Lover’s Pizza and was immediately sold! 

  • The sauce was zesty and flavourful
  • The toppings were entirely fresh
  • The amount of cheese was criminal in the best way possible
  • The crust was perfectly cooked 

It’s not only one of the best pizza joints in London, but arguably one of the best in the region. I plan on being a loyal customer for many years to come. 




What is FOMO?

Do you constantly check your phone or computer for the latest status updates, photos and events? Are you afraid that you might miss out on what’s happening in your friend’s lives? If so, you may be suffering from FOMO. FOMO refers to the “Fear of Missing Out.” The world of social media has become an addiction and within the past couple of years, this addiction has greatly increased.

In a new survey conducted by, it was revealed that 56% of social media users are afraid of missing out on events, news and important status updates.

Here are some more statistics from the survey:

51% visit or log on more frequently to social networks than they did just two years ago.

27% will log in onto social sites as soon as they wake up.

42% have multiple accounts

52% considered taking a vacation from one or more social networks. Only 24% of these people will likely follow through.

How do you beat FOMO?

Take a step back and remember that the world exists without social media. Find constructive ways to spend your time and cut your social media habits in half. Believe me when I tell you that you’re missing out on a lot less than you actually think. 











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How to Avoid Impulse Purchases at the Grocery Store

Earlier in the week, I posed the question to some friends, “What is your biggest impulse purchase at the grocery store?” Not surprisingly, salty and sugary snacks were the most popular answers. While it’s not impossible to avoid these unintended purchases, it does take a fair bit of inner strategizing before entering the store.

How does one avoid these impulse purchases? Here are some tips!

Eat before going to the grocery store: Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. You will think more with your stomach than your brain. 

Make a list: Planning purchases in advance will keep the process more organized and will give you a reason not to deviate from the list.  

Go alone: Avoid shopping with someone who might be considered a bad influence on your shopping habits. By grocery shopping alone, you are more likely to remain focused on the task at hand. 

Do your homework: Compare prices between other stores and research the items online. This will provide you with more insight on true bargains and deals. 

Read the labels: Is the bag of chips and the calories that follow really worth it? Ultimately, you are the judge, but first read the nutritional information before making the impulse purchase. 

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Ways to Extend Your Smartphone Battery

Do you ever look at your phone in the afternoon and notice that you only have 20% battery left? Don’t panic, because here are a few ways to give your battery more life no matter which device you own.

Watch for push notifications.  

Every beep, vibrate and new message on your lock screen will take a serious toll on your battery.

Use ‘airplane mode.’

Airplane mode will prevent your phone from constantly searching for a network. The only downfall is that you cannot make a call while in this mode.

Close your apps.  

Even if you’re not using them, apps will often run in the background. Make sure to close any app you are not presently using.

Lower the brightness

It’s simple, but something we frequently overlook.

Turn off wi-fi

It’s not uncommon that your phone will constantly seek out wi-fi when you’re not connected to wireless internet. This is an instant battery drain.

Keep it cool

It has been proven that batteries use more energy when hot. Experts advise not to carry around a phone in your pocket and to never leave it sitting in direct sunlight. 


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Biggest Workplace Time Wasters

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of wasting time at work. Some surf the internet all day, while others simply do everything humanly possible to avoid any form of a work. 

Here are the biggest time wasters from survey of American workers. 

23.4% say socializing with co-workers was their #1 distraction at work.

14% say that talking with co-workers was their #1 time waster.

77% of workers who have a Facebook account use it during work, and for some that means spending up to 2 hours on the site.

Most popular time-wasting websites: Facebook (41%); LinkedIn (37%); Yahoo (31%); Google (28%); Twitter (8%); Pinterest (4%)

64% say they visit non-work related websites every day during work hours.

69% of employed respondents say they’re either actively seeking a new job or open to job offers.

46% reported spending time job hunting during work hours on company computers.

47% say their biggest time-waster is having to attend too many meetings.

4% of those polled said spacing out was their #1 distraction at work.

23% of employees reported wasting time out of boredom.

Can you think of any that you would add to the list?

















The Best Restaurant in London, Ontario

Last fall, I created a YouTube video of my Top 5 Favourite Restaurants in London, Ontario. I’m embarrassed to say that the list is extremely dated and completely inaccurate. Yes, toss that previous list out the window because my new list begins and ends with Shmokey Rob & Sons Southern Eatery.

Click the photo below for my YouTube spotlight on Shmokey’s














The Dawghouse – “A Modern Day Cheers”

A good friend of mine treated me to a belated birthday lunch at Dawghouse on Sunday. The atmosphere was extremely friendly with customers laughing, smiling and conversing with each other. I instantly felt at home. Our waitress was very personable and made our experience even more enjoyable.

I ordered the Marmaduke burger (a 12 oz burger patty topped with cheese, bacon, fried onion rings, and thousand island dressing) along with sweet potato fries on the side. The burger itself was well cooked and massive! As a foodie who often orders sweet potato fries, these were among the best I have tried in recent memory.

The prices are also extremely reasonable as our bill was less than $30. 

Not only will I return to the Dawghouse, but it has instantly become one of my new favourites.


Visit their website for more details! 




Living in the Past

George Carlin once asked, “Why do people watch their own home videos? They are watching things that they have already done! Stop living in the past!”

He makes a valid point that has always had a lasting effect on me. Why do we live in the past? Perhaps it has something to do with personal comfort or the fact that the past was a much happier place than the present day. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, living in the past on a regular basis can be considered unhealthy.

This topic came to the surface after a recent conversation with an old acquaintance. He had obtained a great deal of success within a short period of time and was riding high. He had an outstanding job, a stunning condo and a luxury car.  His life suddenly came crashing down after his company folded. He often discussed reinventing himself and moving in a new direction, but instead, hung onto everything he lost and ignored his potential. He spent so much time in the past, that he forgot to focus on the present and plan for the future. He refused to move on which lead to a personal and professional stalemate. In one of our last conversations, I brought up a philosophy that I readily follow. 

“You learn from yesterday, live for today and grow for tomorrow.”

Apparently he took this to heart and has reinvented himself. I received an email from him just yesterday thanking me for that little piece of advice.

While a trip to the past may be full of joy and vivid memories, remember that it should only be considered a temporary vacation. If life is a photo album, you should focus on filling the remaining pages and making them count.




During my break at lunch, I stopped by a grocery store to take a look around and see if there were any good deals available. I popped in, browsed around but unfortunately left empty handed.

I noticed a man in his mid-30’s struggling to carry groceries to a car. Bags and cans were following all over the place. I immediately offered my assistance. As it turns out, he was patiently waiting for his Aunt who was getting her hair done. He went ahead and took care of her grocery list as a way of helping her out. He was extremely grateful for my help and thanked me repeatedly. It became apparent that he suffered from a form of Down Syndrome, but his beaming smile told the real story. We briefly discussed the oddly chilly weather in May, hockey and how thankful he was to work for his parents catering business. He was just recently hired and so proud of his success. “I’m so happy to feel like such a major part of the family,” he proclaimed.

He was also very complimentary of my tie, belt and sunglasses. He told me that I looked “cool” and that he wanted to be just like me. Humbled, I left him with a comment that put an even bigger smile on his face.

“I appreciate the compliment, but I wish I could be just like you. You smile like you mean it, have a lust for life and truly value everything you have. I could learn from you.” He smiled, shook my hand and said. “It’s always nice to make a new friend. Thanks for talking with me and keep smiling!”

And guess what? I kept one on my face for the remainder of the day.

“I was smiling yesterday, I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” – Santosh Kalwar