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Beer Review – Haunted Pumpkin Ale

Mini Beer Review: Lucky Girl Brewing “Haunted Pumpkin Ale”

On my recent trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan, I picked up this beer along with many others that cannot be located in Canada. I’m always anxious to consume new brews and cracked this open during a delicious lasanga dinner.

Appearance – A clear amber colour with a fair bit of carbonation 

Scent – Sweet and citrusy with some brown sugar

Taste – I picked up on hints of bread, malt and nutmeg, but tasted very little pumpkin.

Overall – While this beer is extremely drinkable, I found it rather difficult to classify it as a ”pumpkin ale” since it contained very little pumpkin flavour. That being said, I would certainly be willing to pick up this beer again.

Side note: As an avid fan of advertising, I must provide this company with the appropriate amount of praise for the creative and visually pleasing labelling. 


Beer Review – Nightmare on Mill Street

Mini Beer Review: Mill Street Brewery’s “Nightmare on Mill Street” Pumpkin Ale. 

Appearance – A beautiful copper colour with a sizeable amount of foam that quickly dissipates.

Scent- Nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice and pumpkin 

Taste – I instantly picked up on the hints of cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin. It’s creamy with a light bitterness throughout and extremely drinkable. 

Overall – Over the past year, Mill Street has quickly become one of my favourite breweries. They have never disappointed me with their high quality efforts and attention to detailing from both a brewing and branding perspective. I highly recommend this beer and would easily call it one of the best and most complete pumpkin ales available. 

*Note: This is a seasonal beer and only available for a limited time*


Does Hard Work Pay Off?

Ever since I was a young child, it was distilled in me to believe that hard work will eventually pay off. We are constantly tested by this theory and at times it seems inaccurate, preposterous and unobtainable. Perhaps it’s merely impatience or the fact we witness others get ahead in life due to nothing other than luck, but we start to doubt the concept of hard work.

I was reminded of a vivid memory at a basketball camp when I was 13 years old. It was honestly the most gruelling two weeks of my life as despite my size and skill set, every other kid was more talented and more physically imposing. I instantly became the proverbial underdog and knew that hustle was my only key to survival in this land full of giants. I spent the majority of my tenure at basketball camp feeling beat up, exhausted and left behind.

As the camp wrapped up, the counsellors handed out awards to each player. Many of these awards included creative or humourous titles with an inspirational meaning behind them. Last but not least came my award. I frantically went through all of the possible outcomes in my head, but none of which seemed positive or significant. “Chris Toplack wins the Charlie Hustle Award for being the hardest working kid in the entire camp.” My award was met with applause and praise. I was shocked and amazed that these talented players were congratulating me and in full agreement that I worked harder than anyone else. Truth be told, I ended up with some pretty respectful statistics that summer.

Despite all of my professional accomplishments, this moment is among my most precious. Why? It’s a pure example that yes, hard work DOES pay off.


Need Voice Over Material?

Are you looking for professional voice over content at an affordable price?  

I have produced and voiced commercials, public service announcements, radio station programs/promos, YouTube content, podcasts and instructional videos. 

Here are just a few of the companies I have provided voice over material for:

Goodlife Fitness, Rogers, ABC Warehouse, Westervelt College, Time Well Scheduled, Mid County Ford, Fairwinds Lodge, Global Donuts and Deli, North End Appliance and Wal-Mart. 

Below is a link to some of my voice over samples. If you like what you hear, feel free to shoot me an email so we can get started together!


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you’re hoping to advertise your product or service, Ultimate Fighting Weekly might be the perfect partner for you. 

Ultimate Fighting Weekly can be heard every Sunday afternoon on As the audience continues to grow, so do the opportunities for a new and exciting partnership. 

For more details, please email 











Harry’s Review

“Make the most of your shave with Harry’s”

To me, there are few things better than a good shave. It allows me to feel both refreshed and rejuvenated. I understand how strange that sounds as I drag 5 blades across my neck, but it’s true. I was displeased with the popular and highly reviewed Gillette Fusion Proglide, so I began seeking a suitable replacement. Tired of the overpriced razors found in local drugstores, I expanded my search to the Internet. While many individuals I know have chosen to go with Dollar Shave Club, I was immediately attracted to Harry’s and their simple yet effective advertising. I was never fortunate enough to experience the old school barber shops, but I was instantly reminded of them and drawn to the nostalgic aspect of their brand. I decided to take a chance and placed my very first order. 


The razor, blades and shaving cream all arrived in two separate boxes that were neatly packed and visually pleasing. As noted earlier, the overall presentation resembled that of an old school barber shop. It was simple, clean and professional. I placed my order on a Sunday and the items arrived in merely two days. This was well under the original timeframe for delivery. My wife and I have many items shipped to our home and this was undoubtedly the best service I have experienced in months.



I originally ordered the Winston set, which included the razor, 3 blades and one tube of shaving cream. I ultimately decided to include an additional tube of shaving cream and 12 blades. 

Total Cost: $53 plus shipping and tax = $66.67 (Great bargain!) 

In comparison to the Proglide, it would have cost me nearly double the amount if I stuck with Gillette products. 



The Winston razor was modern, chic and very easy to handle. There was very minimal pull and absolutely no razor burn. As an individual with sensitive skin, this was a major relief. The only real drawback was the shaving cream. While the scent is pleasant and the cream itself contains many calming ingredients, I found that it does not lather well at all. 


Click on the photo below for a link to their website. 



































Audio Blog: Under Pressure

My latest audio blog focuses on pressure and how you should react with your back against the wall. It’s something we can all relate to. 




















Audio Blog: Sayings We Use

This audio blog has a more comedic tone to it. You’re probably guilty of using at least one of the following sayings. If any of these were taken literally, the results would be quite entertaining. 






















Audio Blog: Moving On

A recent status update and conversation with a good friend of mine sparked this audio blog topic. He’s unhappy with his job and we discussed the possibility of moving on. What is the one question you must ask yourself….




















Audio Blogs


The original concept of this website was to connect with you and I intended on accomplishing this feat through the use of advice, opinions, personal stories and humour.  With the recent success of Ultimate Fighting and a new partnership with, I have decided that it is within my best interest to revamp my dated blog section. Rather than continue with traditional written pieces, I felt that audio blogs would be much more engaging and ultimately more entertaining. As opposed to my weekly podcast, I won’t have a set schedule for these audio blogs, but intend on posting one every couple of weeks. 

I sincerely hope that you enjoy them.