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Do Good, Spread Kindness and Give Back

Do good in this world, spread kindness and constantly give back. I firmly believe that’s arguably the most important lesson I have ever picked up in my life.

How can you make a difference? Do the following:

Be the best version of yourself to everyone you encounter. Yes, there are various hurdles that will arise in your life on a daily basis, but you can rise above that and be the reason why someone smiles, laughs or feels secure.

Choose one deserving organization per month and send some money in their direction. In a world of PayPal and e-Transfers, it’s quite easy to make that possible. Don’t wait until Christmas or any other holiday, just do it now. It makes all the difference to them and it’s always needed. It will undoubtedly free you and bring joy to others in the process.

While sending money to an organization is a wonderful gesture, your time is equally as valuable. Take time to volunteer and get involved in your community or with a cause close to your heart. There seems to be this belief that we can wait until retirement, but there’s no better time than the present to reach out.

This isn’t a post I copied and pasted from another timeline or pulled from a forum page. It’s merely something I needed to express and share with you. While you might visit the timeline of Chris Toplack on social media for laughter or to smile, please understand that this matters more to me than any joke I could ever tell.

In the immortal words of Jim Henson (a hero to me), “My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.”





















Audio Blog: Making Your Employees A Priority

My latest audio blog focuses on the importance of making your employees a priority and taking the time to understand them. 























A Podcasting Update

Due to disappointing circumstances, ‘Ask The Top’ will now air exclusively on I had previously announced my partnership with another wrestling website, but due to unforeseeable circumstances, I ultimately decide to host the show on my personal website. It’s important that this podcast remains both relevant and readily available. There are already some preliminary discussions to move Ask The Top to a new home within the near future. 

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by. 




Audio Blog: Adaptability

My latest audio blog focuses on adaptability. I was inspired to discuss this topic after re-reading George St-Pierre’s book “The Way of the Fight.” The example I came up with during the first portion of this audio blog can apply to anyone, anywhere. Cage or no cage. Enjoy! 



















“Ask The Top” Debuting Soon

I am pleased to formally announce that Ask The Top will debut this week on is your pro wrestling news, articles and reviews website. Providing you only with the latest breaking news that’s actually worth reading, with no clickbait headlines.

What You Need To Know

  • There will be two episodes produced per month ranging from 15-20 minutes in length 
  • Episodes will also be available on 
  • The format of the show will consist of answering WWE related questions from fans submitted via social media
  • Fans will be able to submit questions via my Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts along with You can also submit questions to any of the TWM accounts. 

I’m excited to kick off this new podcast and sincerely hope that you tune into this debut episode. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! 




Stay Tuned!

The only thing for sure about Chris Toplack is that nothing is for sure!

When I suddenly announced that Talking Combat with Chris Toplack would be officially coming to a close, I was truly humbled by the sheer volume of tweets, Google + messages and emails that I received. The majority of these messages contained the same question, “why?” It became abundantly clear that my simple little podcast made quite an impact and at one point attracted over 2,000 listeners a week. Well, I’m finally going to explain why. 

Those who know me well will understand and appreciate my desire to tackle new challenges. I cannot fully explain where this desire stems from, but it has been a strong motivator for me throughout the past 10 years in both my personal and professional life. I felt my show was growing stale and even with a facelift, it was still coming to an inevitable conclusion. I do not fear change, I embrace it. In fact, a lack of change is really one of my biggest fears. In all honesty, the show also did not reach the heights I believed it could achieve. In some respects, it was disappointing as the quality was consistently high and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but I now move onto the next challenge!

I still love MMA and continue to discuss it on social media, but have decided to re-emerge in the world of pro-wrestling. It’s one of my very first loves and something I am still extremely passionate about. Soon enough, I will tell you when, where and what will come out of this new project. 

PS. I’m living proof and that it’s possible to adore pro wrestling AND MMA. Most of us do, but few will ever admit it.