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Exciting News: A New Partnership!

I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Smoke-N-Bones Restaurant in London, Ontario. 

Every Monday evening, I will be the host of Pub Stumpers. This will officially begin on Feb 11th! 

What is Pub Stumpers? It’s a trivia league 

Amazing food, cheap drinks, trivia and your very own Chris Toplack!

Hope to see you at Smoke-N-Bones on February 11th!



Trademark Scents

Your scent can be one of the most important aspects of your image. In some cases, it can even be your trademark. What’s your trademark?

Here are mine:


1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne 

  • Warm Spicy, Long lasting, Draws Compliments


L’homme Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent for Men

  • Fresh Spicy, Long Lasting, Classy


Hugo Cologne by Hugo Boss for Men 

  • Aromatic, Masculine, Modern


Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff for Men

  • Fresh, Aquatic, Not Over Powering


Only The Brave Cologne by Diesel for Men

  • Citrusy, Long Lasting, Masculine


 Spicebomb Cologne by Victor & Rolf for Men

  • Warm Spicy, Long Lasting, Powerful


Swiss Army Cologne by Swiss Army for Men

  • Aromatic, Fresh, Smooth


Ck One Shock Cologne by Calvin Klein for Men

  • Fresh Spicy, Oriental, Long Lasting 


The Do’s and Don’ts of a Job Interview

Job interviews can be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience, but they are necessary and it’s inevitable that we will go through them. How you represent yourself at an interview with a potential employer could very well make or break you. Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you have a successful interview.



Make eye contact – This is a sign of confidence and respect.

Research – This shows you are prepared and genuinely care about your position with the company.

Be clear and concise – Your answers should be straight to the point.

Smile – Behind eye contact, smiling is the most important physical aspect of an interview.

Dress appropriately  – Remember, you can’t redo a first impression.

Sit up straight – Good posture makes you appear confident.

Brush your teeth and shower – Proper hygiene is an absolute must!

Practice – Come in prepared and have your responses memorized when answering general questions.



Make Demands – You are in no position to make a demand.

Leave your phone on – If your phone were to happen to go off, the interviewer may feel disrespected by your lack of professionalism.

Show up late – This would be considered career suicide. You should always arrive at least 10 minutes early to the interview.

Chew gum or candy – You should have nothing in your mouth.

Swear – Any use of profanity during an interview should be strictly prohibited.

Interrupt – Not only is it rude, but it shows you are not listening.

Wear cologne or presume – Several workplaces are now scent free.

Speak ill of your previous employer – Criticizing your former employer shows a general lack of loyalty. If pressured to answer, be honest yet respectful of your previous situation. 

Whether you would like to admit or not, you are a brand. How properly you treat this brand may be the difference between landing an incredible position or heading home empty-handed. The choice is entirely up to you. 



Listen to the audio for my official welcome to! 


Being Hard On Yourself: It’s Not Always A Bad Thing

GSPIf you search the Internet, there are endless amounts of articles that provide useful wisdom and tips to stop being so hard on yourself. In fact, I have read many of these articles and have found them quite useful, but also believe that being hard on yourself provides a few benefits. I don’t pretend to be Michael Jordan, Georges St-Pierre or even Jim Henson, but putting that constant pressure on myself has lead me to accomplish many of my life goals by the tender age of 26. There are still many more goals left on my bucket list and I don’t plan on completely ridding the mindset of being hard on myself.


  • It can allow you to be motivated towards something positive.
  • A little self-criticism keeps you humbled and grounded.
  • It may keep you ahead of the competition.

There comes that fine line where being hard on yourself becomes self-destructive. You are better off without it in general, but if it’s something you just can’t shake, turn being hard on yourself into a positive such as the benefits listed above.

Michael Jordan was arguably the greatest athlete of all time and was also VERY hard on himself, but he knew when to let go and that was when he walked off the court. Pick and choose your battles wisely but remember, it’s not the awful thing you constantly hear about.

I will leave you with a quote.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”