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Thank You!

A special thanks to everyone who came out to Pub Stumpers Trivia Night at Smoke-N-Bones! I had a blast hosting and we will be back next Monday, February 18th! Hope to see you there!



Bullies: Why I Have No Sympathy For Them

We have all encountered a bully at some point in our lives. Whether we were picked on or witnessed someone else get verbally or physically mistreated, it still heavily exists in today’s society. From the school yard, to the workplace to a local grocery store, bullying remains a worrisome trend.

We’re told that bullies tend to pick on others to cover their own fears, but I’ll take it one step further. Bullies are perhaps the most insecure of us all. They will push around others to feel better about themselves and to project an image of absolute power. In fact, many bullies will go out of their way to avoid any possible portrayal of vulnerability. 

We’re also told that we should understand where they are coming from and be sympathetic. I personally choose not to be. I am far from insensitive but feel that by providing them with sympathy, we are merely excusing their actions and not holding them responsible. I am well aware that many bullies come from a turbulent past, but shouldn’t one learn from that? Pardoning a bully based on their upbringing or current situation seems far too lenient. 

If a bully fails to see the error of their ways despite others pointing it out to them, then they deserve to feel abandoned. I am a firm believer that EVERYONE deserves a second chance, but one must be willing to make the necessary adjustments in order to reap the benefits. 

I simply prefer to celebrate the good in the world and ignore the rotten apples. Besides, life is too short to bite into one. 



How I Build My Confidence

Confidence can be defined in several different manners, but I sum it up with just one simple statement, confidence is all about believing in your self. As you have likely experienced, building up confidence can be a rather daunting challenge. There have been several occasions where I have doubted my abilities or lacked confidence as a whole. Can you boost confidence with time? Absolutely. I didn’t truly begin to feel confident until I was 18. Whenever I am full of doubt, I go back to the tips that were always effective.


Be Positive – Simply put, a positive attitude can work wonders for your confidence. 

Talk To Your Friends And Family – Your friends and family always have your back. They will always be the first to cheer you up and bring you back to reality. The reality is, they care about you for a reason.

Acknowledge Your Insecurities – We all have flaws. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. By addressing your insecurities, you can either work on them or move on.

Don’t Obsess Over Perfection – There is no such thing as perfection. Michael Jordan missed thousands of basketball shots and Donald Trump doesn’t close every deal.  Greatness is an achievable feat, but perfection is not.

Recognize Your Accomplishments – Yes, you do have an accomplishment to be proud of. Go back into those memories, dig them out and then pat yourself on the back.

Focus On Your Goals – When you focus on a goal, you are more likely to achieve some form of satisfaction.

Life is an unpredictable storm. In order to weather that storm, you need to believe in your self. 



One More Week

We are one week away from the debut of Pub Stumpers Trivia Night at Smoke-N-Bones

Where? Smoke-N-Bones Restaurant (855 Wellington Road London, ON)

When? Every Monday at 7:30pm

Register your team of two or more and receive a $5 off coupon! 

It’s Pub Stumpers Trivia Night with Chris Toplack at Smoke-N-Bones starting on Feb 11th at 7:30pm. 



Ultimate Fighting Weekly

My very first edition of the Ultimate Fighting Weekly podcast is NOW available. I discuss UFC 156 as a whole and individual performances.



Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Now that my website is up and running, YOU might receive the opportunity to write a guest blog!

Once every 2 weeks, I will choose a new guest blog of the day! Pitch me an idea and if approved, you will receive the green light to write it. I will then post your blog on this website for all to view.

Simple Rules: 1. No Profanity 2. No Offensive Content 3. Keep it Professional

This is an opportunity to blog about something you are passionate about and to promote yourself at the same time. 

If you are interested in guest blogging, head over to the “Contact” page and send me an email. 



The Truth About Psychics

Earlier in the day, I overheard a gentleman at the bank discussing his life-altering experience with a psychic medium.  The individuals in line instantly jumped into the conversation with curiosity and overwhelming support. One person decided to shake his head in disappointment. Me.

The dictionary defines a psychic as: A person apparently responsive to psychic forces. They are capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy.

Chris Toplack defines a psychic as: A liar, fraud, crook, who takes advantage of others for the sole purpose of money or attention.

History Lesson:

Harry Houdini is widely considered to be the greatest illusionist and escape artist of all time, but he also dedicated a portion of his life to debunking all self proclaimed psychics and mediums.

Houdini would travel from town to town, often in disguise, exposing every so-called medium he came in contact with. When the trickery was uncovered, he would rip off his disguise and proclaim, “I am Houdini! And you are a fraud!”.  He went as far to offer a $10,000 reward to anyone who could ‘put over’ anything in so-called psychic phenomena that he could not detect. No one ever collected a dime from Houdini’s psychic challenge.

No one can communicate with the dead. No one can read your inner thoughts. No one can accurately predict your future. Yes folks, it’s all a myth. The bells and whistles are meant to lure in the gullible and rob them of their precious hard earned money.

The Chris Toplack Challenge: I invite any psychic medium to accurately predict, in detail, what I just ate for dinner. 


Why Competition Is A Good Thing

Over the course of my life, I have heard more than just a few individuals argue that competition is a horrible aspect in society. I personally found this argument to be rather vague as the reasons given were nearly non-existent. What’s so wrong about competition? In fact, I am firm believer that competition brings out the best in a person.

Here are my 3 reasons: 


It Keeps You Motivated: What better way to keep you motivated than a fellow competitor vying for your spot in the office. If this doesn’t make you perform at your absolute best, then I’m not sure what will.

It Encourages Creativity: Let’s pretend for a second that you and your fellow co-workers are pitching an idea to the big boss. Everyone around you has the same thing in mind “stand out above the rest!” This will have you firing on all cylinders and force yourself to be creative.

It Keeps You Focused: If a competitor is nipping at your heels in any aspect of life, you will be more focused than ever for the task at hand.

Just as animals compete for pray, we compete on a daily basis with each other. Whether it be at the hockey rink, in the workplace or at school, competition is something that has become all too natural and common. Rather than shun competition and call it repulsive, convert it into something positive by allowing it to bring out the best in you.