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Things Pregnant Women Can’t Stand To Smell

First and foremost, any mother who has gone through 9 months of labour to deliver a child has my upmost respect. I can imagine there are quite a few ups and downs throughout those roller coaster months. I recently came across a blog that polled readers about smells they couldn’t stand when they were pregnant.

Here’s the list! 

•  Chicken

•  The Fridge

•  Sub Sandwiches

•  Bad Breath

•  Slim Jims

•  Bacon

•  Raw Meat

•  Coffee

•  The Car

•  Deli

•  Menthol

•  Fast Food

•  Bananas

•  Perfume

•  Mint

•  Pizza

•  Hand Sanitizer

•  Caramels

•  Dog Food

•  Red Meat

Dear Moms: Are there any other items that belong on this list? Add them on my Facebook Fan Page!




Weirdest Demands By Bosses

Have you ever had an odd demand from a boss? Here are the weirdest demands by bosses courtesy of Career Builder.



















Remembering Kurt Cobain

In my latest YouTube video, I remember Kurt Cobain and discuss his impact on music along with his legacy. 

Click the image below for the video



















Getting Over Mistakes

None of us are perfect. Whether they are major or minor, we all tend to make mistakes on a regular basis.

But are you able to get over these mistakes? That’s the real challenge.

I came across an excellent list courtesy of and decided to expand upon their points.

• Know that you are not the only person who makes mistakes.

As I previously mentioned, none of us are perfect. Michael Jordan missed basketball shots, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and even Wayne Gretzky missed the net. Even the best of the best have days when they are humbled.

• Understand why you made the mistake: Were you careless? Hurried? Not thinking?

There’s always a reason for a mistake. Instead of beating yourself up over it, or denying the blame, you should truly think about why you made it.

• Think positively and realistically about how bad the mistake really is.

Is your mistake so bad that the entire world will declare war on you? I highly doubt it. In fact, we tend to blow these mishaps out of proportion.

• Don’t obsess and replay the mistake over and over.

There comes a place and time where you need to get over the hump and walk away. Obsessing over a mistake is not healthy and can have some very negative effects on the mind and body.

• Don’t define yourself by your mistakes.

Define yourself by what you have to offer and your accomplishments. Mistakes can be improved upon and converted into a newfound strength.

• Learn from the mistake.

Make an effort to never duplicate the same mistake. Whether it’s through note keeping, patience or asking for assistance, learn from the past.

• Seek help. If you have difficulty getting over the incident after considerable amount of time, consider seeing a therapist.

You should never be embarrassed to ask for help. These are trained professionals who are willing to help you find solutions. 



Ultimate Fighting Weekly – Episode 9

Ultimate Fighting Weekly Episode 9 is NOW available! 

On this edition of the program: Georges St-Pierre’s new movie role, Melvin Guillard is not welcome home, Nick Diaz attacks the Quebec Commission, More fight announcements and predictions for UFC on Fuel TV 9.