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Knowledge Transfer

Given the current landscape of the world, this is an excellent time to engage in knowledge transfer with colleagues, friends and like-minded professionals. 

I made a post about this, days ago, on how I love absorbing new knowledge and skills and then ensuring I share it with others in a digestible manner that can benefit them. 

Just as marketers are taught to A/B test nearly everything they do, you should apply the same mindset in your professional lives as it’s not simply relegated to the world of business. 

It applies to everyone. 

Whether it’s a new way to respond to a client, how to effectively pitch a decision-maker, problem-solving, objection handling, you name it, it’s great to hear what works for others and to add it to your repertoire.

Every week, I provide new strategies to colleagues and the feedback is incredibly important since the best decisions are made with facts, absolutes and statistics behind them. So whether a specific message is working or not, you want to know about it and importantly, share it with others. 

Remember, hoarding knowledge only benefits you, so let’s continue to exchange valuable tips and strategics so we can all get ahead together. 

I’m a private message away if you ever want to start that conversation.


The Drifter

Throughout my life, I’ve been somewhat of a drifter. I absorb new knowledge and skills and ensure that I share it with others in a digestible manner that can benefit them. My goal is to always be a freedom from concern.

When my work is no longer required, I quietly move on to the next challenge. At times, it can be lonely as the drifter, but it’s also incredibly freeing. I’m not subjected to the pressure of peers or the burden of expectation. Instead, I’m simply observing, absorbing and applying.

This leads me to not particularly focus much on the past or live with any regret as I choose to live in the present with an emphasis on the future as it’s understandably motivating.

The quest for knowledge never ends; it just leads to more curiosities that lead to a greater mind. That’s why I drift.


A Decade of Growth

The theme over the past decade was growth. This expansion was accomplished by inserting myself into new situations and taking calculated risks where I had the ability to learn new skills, apply them in all facets in life and continue to make progress as a human being. My mentality was to grow comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  • In less than 3 and a half years, I hosted, wrote and produced my own mid-day, afternoon and morning radio show program all by the age of 24 (This allowed me to adapt and jump headfirst into new roles. I vividly dreamed of this scenario since age 9)
  • Provided voice-over work to national companies (This simply based on networking and impressing the right individuals. No matter where my life goes, my voice will be forever attached to many of these wonderful companies)
  • Developed, wrote and produced three sponsored podcasts in the realm of MMA and Pro-Wrestling that garnered thousands of weekly listeners.
  • Worked in the private education realm where I obtained an important role in Admissions (Again, this was based on impressing the right individuals along with never saying no to any initiatives presented to me)
  • Helped grow a young start-up tech company by tackling a wide abundance of roles that eventually saw me become their product expert while overseeing training both internally and externally (Up until this point, it was arguably the most rewarding period of my career since I dedicated countless hours to readily develop my skills and absorb elaborate industry best practices)
  • Spoke at several conferences throughout America where my sessions were not only advertised but well attended (Having just one person come to watch/hear you speak on a specific subject is remarkably humbling and motivating)
  • Entered the marketing agency world and collaborated with several well known regional and national companies by providing strategy and managing campaigns from end to end (These stressful and chaotic situations reinforced my ability to become very resourceful while managing the greatest currency of all, time)
  • Became the Corporate Trainer for the leading private provider of occupational health and safety training in Ontario (There’s nothing I love more than discovering the potential in people, teaching them to harness their talent while providing them with new knowledge, tools and guidance to further advance and gain confidence. Witnessing light bulbs go off is incredibly rewarding)
  • More importantly, I married my supportive wife back in 2013 and we just introduced our beautiful son into the world towards the end of December 2019. Out of every journey listed above, his addition to the family is undoubtedly the most meaningful.

The narrative for the next decade doesn’t change. In fact, it will never change. The aim will forever concentrate on growth both professionally and personally, giving back and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. I cannot wait to revisit this entry 10 years from now to reflect on all of the new lessons that were absorbed and how this new insight was utilized.


My Obituary Motivates Me

One day, hopefully in the very distant future, you are going to die. It’s inevitable and sadly, it’s permanent. While you cannot prevent the inevitable from occurring, you do control the narrative of how you lived because that’s much more paramount than how you died.

Remember, you are always in complete control of your narrative. I encounter dozens of people who claim to be stuck in meaningless jobs or other relevant situations where they feel hopeless or bitter. Those months turn into years and the years turn into decades. Don’t waste the time you currently possess believing it’s mandatory to follow a path that completely disinterests you. There’s nothing wrong with turning off on an exit before you go down a long and winding road that may eventually lead you to nowhere.

Do you know what motivates me? My obituary. The average length of an obituary is about 200 words but it can be as long as 450 words or as few as 50 words. Yes, that means your entire life is confined to a few hundred words. Were you a good person? Did you give back? Did you impact lives? Remember, it’s others who write that obituary and it’s a true reflection of your character and the legacy you left behind.

So in the end, the decisions you make now don’t just impact your current state, but also your legacy long after you’re gone. Try to limit the amount of “what if’s?” on a daily basis.

Be a good person. Give back. Aim to positively impact the lives of others. If you’re lucky, you may even be a part of something that far outlives you.


The Signature Spot

The Signature Spot with Chris Toplack will be a weekly pro-wrestling podcast that features news, rumours, show recaps, predictions and discussions with guests around relevant industry topics.

It will be replacing Ask The Top with the debut scheduled on Thursday, October 4th. This page will also be converted to The Signature Spot and will become even more interactive with live streams, polls, clips.

More details will be provided next Thursday during one of the final editions of Ask The Top.

Subscribe here:


Audio Blog – Creating Moments

In my latest audio blog, I discuss the importance of creating moments and taking a necessary break from technology along with social media in order to accomplish that.






Ask The Top on YouTube

While I will continue to post my episodes of Ask The Top on, I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can be immediately notified of the latest video content. 

The Rationale: will be going through a much-needed facelift in the near future and YouTube simply supports more devices/browsers.

If you enjoy Ask The Top and look forward to more video content, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Ask The Top still appears on the following websites: 

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The Importance of Discovery

The Importance of Discovery

With every decision you make, you’re either adding value to your brand or taking away from it. 

Who are we? Are we all on the same page as employees who represent our brand? How are we perceived by the outside world? How do we measure success? Prior to making any critical decisions, you should have a definitive answer to those questions along with many other related ones. 

A brand discovery process is a necessary starting point for answering crucial questions and establishing guidelines that will help maximize the success of your organization over the long-term. 

In the end, this process should provide your brand with purpose, define your values, personality and ensure you are more aligned with your customers along with your overall business goals. It will not only strengthen your brand but establish authenticity. 

Improve the value you deliver to your clients by starting at the very beginning. 



Part 2: Ranking My Favourite Black Mirror Episodes

I simply couldn’t help myself and completed Black Mirror Season 4 on the day it was released. Hang the DJ has become one of my favourite episodes to date.

Updated my ranking list to include all Season 4 episodes which are in bold. Again, this was put together after first-time viewings.

1. The Entire History of You 
2. White Christmas 
3. *Hang the DJ*
4. Shut Up and Dance
5. White Bear
6. Be Right Back 
7. San Junipero 
8. *Black Museum* 
9. *USS Callister*
10. Playtest 
11. Nosedive
12. *Metalhead*
13. The National Anthem 
14. *Crocodile*
15. *Arkangel* 
16. Fifteen Million Merits
17. Men Against Fire
18. Hated in the Nation 
19. The Waldo Moment