ChrisToplack | Bullies: Why I Have No Sympathy For Them
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Bullies: Why I Have No Sympathy For Them

Bullies: Why I Have No Sympathy For Them

We have all encountered a bully at some point in our lives. Whether we were picked on or witnessed someone else get verbally or physically mistreated, it still heavily exists in today’s society. From the school yard, to the workplace to a local grocery store, bullying remains a worrisome trend.

We’re told that bullies tend to pick on others to cover their own fears, but I’ll take it one step further. Bullies are perhaps the most insecure of us all. They will push around others to feel better about themselves and to project an image of absolute power. In fact, many bullies will go out of their way to avoid any possible portrayal of vulnerability. 

We’re also told that we should understand where they are coming from and be sympathetic. I personally choose not to be. I am far from insensitive but feel that by providing them with sympathy, we are merely excusing their actions and not holding them responsible. I am well aware that many bullies come from a turbulent past, but shouldn’t one learn from that? Pardoning a bully based on their upbringing or current situation seems far too lenient. 

If a bully fails to see the error of their ways despite others pointing it out to them, then they deserve to feel abandoned. I am a firm believer that EVERYONE deserves a second chance, but one must be willing to make the necessary adjustments in order to reap the benefits. 

I simply prefer to celebrate the good in the world and ignore the rotten apples. Besides, life is too short to bite into one. 


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