Beer Review – Haunted Pumpkin Ale

Beer Review – Haunted Pumpkin Ale

Mini Beer Review: Lucky Girl Brewing “Haunted Pumpkin Ale”

On my recent trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan, I picked up this beer along with many others that cannot be located in Canada. I’m always anxious to consume new brews and cracked this open during a delicious lasanga dinner.

Appearance – A clear amber colour with a fair bit of carbonation 

Scent – Sweet and citrusy with some brown sugar

Taste – I picked up on hints of bread, malt and nutmeg, but tasted very little pumpkin.

Overall – While this beer is extremely drinkable, I found it rather difficult to classify it as a ”pumpkin ale” since it contained very little pumpkin flavour. That being said, I would certainly be willing to pick up this beer again.

Side note: As an avid fan of advertising, I must provide this company with the appropriate amount of praise for the creative and visually pleasing labelling. 

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