About Me

I’m Chris Toplack and throughout the course of my life, I have prided myself on being a freedom from concern both personally and professionally.

I have proven expertise in developing innovative channels for establishing client relationships, creating and implementing onboarding and training programs, coaching and mentoring talent, strengthening brand awareness, providing product expertise and increasing business revenue while implementing team sales strategies.

Below, I’m going to cover my experience based on each industry. 

Radio Broadcasting – Blackburn Radio


I started my Radio Broadcasting career at 18 by co-hosting a bi-monthly show on Friday evening London Calling for Radio Western.

Later, I attended Fanshawe College where I graduated from the Radio Broadcasting program making Dean’s List. Throughout my two-year year program, I assisted with launching two internet radio stations and regularly hosted shows on 106.9 The X. 

Immediately upon graduating, I packed up my bags and moved to Sarnia, Ontario where I enjoyed a 3-year plus stay at Blackburn Radio.

During my tenure with the company, I developed, hosted, and produced programs Country 103.9 CHOK in the Mid-Day, Afternoon, and eventually Morning slots while simultaneously producing and voicing a weekly countdown show.

My other key responsibilities: 

  • Connected with audiences by researching current events, pop culture, and trivia relevant to the target demographic; created notes for material and ad-libbed.
  • Selected and introduced music for broadcast and made commercial and public announcements.
  • Supported outreach and public relations for the radio station, making public appearances, acting as an emcee, and broadcasting live from community events.
  • Recorded and produced station announcements and other voiceovers across Blackburn stations.



  • By 24 years old, I was hosting, producing, and developing my own daily morning radio show, which is the prime spot for any on-air personality.
  • Emceed Rogers Sarnia Bayfest’s Country Weekends in 2009 and 2010
  • Increased audience for Country 103.9 CHOK show by nearly 50% in the first rating period as host. Boosted popularity with the target audience by restructuring the show with original content
  • Concurrently, acted as Assistant Producer for two years, overseeing the production of commercials, promotions, various programming materials, and local image campaigns
  • Contributed content to K106.3 and 99.9 The Fox, which made me the only personality to continually appear on every station during a weekly timeframe


Career Counselling – Westervelt College


After achieving all of my radio-related goals in a short period of time, I parted ways with my first true love and radically altered my career trajectory. I soon worked in Admissions at Westervelt College where I connected with students to provide information regarding educational programs and learning outcomes, student services, and available financial support; increased enrollment to exceed targets.

My responsibilities also included conducting student interviews to determine the best fit among program choices based on career goals and personal suitability; met with students to improve career readiness and provide coaching.


  • Obtained an average contact rate of 85%, booking rate of 60%, and show rate of 60%. All of which remain record numbers. 
  • Concurrently, I acted as the Social Media Manager and the voice of the college online including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn; developed and implemented social media strategy in line with college brand and messaging and grew their followers by over 200%.
  • Implemented and Administered Live Chat service across campus, providing real-time student support and alerts; quickly responded to inquiries by potential students to improve the turnaround on leads.
  • Led ad hoc marketing initiatives and sponsorships; obtained sponsorship for the Student of the Month program from Boston Pizza.

Software and Technology – Media Sonar 


After nearly three years of working in private education, I joined a start-up software company by the name of Media Sonar where I initially was brought on as one of their only Sales Executives where I managed sales from initial contact through to closing the deal, exceeding sales objectives as determined by business development initiatives.

I later pioneered the Client Success (Account Management) pillar of the company where I Communicated with clients regularly to receive feedback about the product while supporting the development and ensuring satisfaction; arranged for subscription renewals. Wearing multiple hats, I also oversaw support and training of clients, redeveloping training tailored to specific client groups; scheduled and led training sessions, prepared learning materials, and hosted webinars. 

Once again, I pioneered another new role for the company as the lead Product Specialist where I oversaw the training and customer experience for both internal and external stakeholders while acting as the platform’s expert user.

It was here that I gained valuable experience demoing Fortune 500 companies, universities, colleges, city and county police departments along with sports facilities. 


  • Hosted a one-hour seminar on Social Media Intelligence for Youth Cases at the 2016 Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas that was attended by industry professionals.
  • Hosting a 30-minute seminar on Social Media Intelligence for Schools at the 2015 College and University Police and Investigators Conference in Tyson’s Corner, West Virginia. 
  • Upon overseeing the trial process from end to end, I increased the close rate from 15% to 60% within a span of 4 months
  • Demoed an RFP which lead to the largest acquisition in company history
  • After pioneering the Client Success division, improved client retention by 15%.
  • As a favour to the company temporarily oversaw the support process for a year, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction until a team was formally established.
  • Voted “Hardest Working Employee” in 2016.

Marketing Agencies – TMD & Northern Commerce


In an effort to continue expanding my skillset, I dove into the world of marketing agencies. 

My first stop saw me fill the role of Manager of Strategy and Client Services for TMD where I developed strategic account marketing plans and set a direction for existing clients while performing higher-level planning development and management of client projects.

To further expand my digital marketing knowledge, I joined Northern Commerce as a Project Manager. In this role, I lead project teams through the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing phases, as necessary, to complete a project. 


  • Managed regional and national marketing initiatives for St. Joseph’s Health Care London, St. Joseph’s Foundation, St. Joseph’s Health Care Society along with Columbia Canada. 
  • Oversaw and grew a $600,000 book of business at Northern Commerce

Corporate Training – OSG 

Currently, I am the Corporate Trainer at Ontario’s leading private provider of workplace health and safety training, OSG.

Upon joining the company, I created, implemented and presented onboarding and training programs that were previously non-existent. The end results were met with rave reviews by new and current employees which also assisted in creating new streams of revenue for the company.

I’m also involved in training and guiding new and current employees, conduct ongoing sales and customer service training, writing, recording, and producing internal tutorial videos.


  • Established the entire company-wide onboarding program for each division
  • Created a comprehensive digital Sales Wiki that is utilized for continuous training.
  • Implemented a new sales training program that increased revenue throughout new and established channels by 10%.
  • Established a formal support tier system for the Client Success Specialist team while implementing support software in two other departments 
  • Received a near-perfect approval rating on the onboarding process based on feedback from dozens of new recruits.

Software and Technology – SkyHive 


Currently, I am the Manager, Customer Training Specialist at SkyHive, which is a cloud-based workforce management and reskilling software provider that works on reducing global unemployment and underemployment.

In May 2021, SkyHive was recognized by Gartner in the Cool Vendor in the Human Capital Management: Technology Innovations to Support the Future of Work report.

In my role I own the strategy, planning and design of training programs for clients. I also lead and support our Customer Training Specialists ensuring the team is equipped with the readiness skills and knowledge they require to deliver an excellent customer experience. My focus is on implementing high-quality training, resources to support training and employee development.

  • Design, develop, implement training programs and lead the team delivering the training curriculum
  • Build and lead a team of training experts and ensure training goals are met
  • Establish processes and tools to monitor staff performance and use metrics to provide meaningful feedback
  • Process feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs – Maintain awareness of and incorporate the latest training techniques, tools and technologies
  • Oversee and establish a budget for training needs
  • Work with cross-department leads to understand and deliver on best training that supports the ongoing business/product needs
  • Ensure project and department goals are met
  • Provide additional professional development opportunities and resources to team membersMaintain training files and records



  • Successfully led training sessions and pilots for Fortune 500/1000 clients.
  • Wrote, produced, and voiced dozens of videos for a new Video Library available to clients.
  • Developed an internal company-wide training Wiki for new and existing employees.
  • Implemented a new SkyHive Certification Process for new employees.
  • Began hosting the monthly company-wide town hall meetings.
  • Created a SkyHive Buddy Program for the HR department along with a two-day internal onboarding program for new and existing employees.
  • Mentored several new employees across various departments.

Voice Over Work


Since leaving radio, I also established myself as an independent voice-over artist that sees me constantly develop my voice and style to suit the needs of a project; study and rehearse lines with the appropriate expression for presenting material for tutorials, commercials, videos, and promos.

My voice can be heard locally and even in faraway places such as Perth, Australia. 


  • Became the voice of a series of workplace tutorial videos for Leon’s Canada
  • Selected as the voice behind a City of Toronto Social Media initiative




I also developed, produced, and hosted several sponsored UFC/WWE related podcasts including:

  • Ultimate Fighting Weekly
  • Talking Combat with Chris Toplack
  • The Signature Spot with Chris Toplack

I recently hosted, wrote, and produced the Pro Wrestling Stories Podcast, which transports listeners to the nostalgic moments of wrestling’s past. 


  • Mission Belt was a two-year sponsor of Ultimate Fighting Weekly and Talking Combat with Chris Toplack 
  • Received over 130,000 YouTube views within the first year of hosting The Signature Spot with Chris Toplack 
  • The Pro Wrestling Stories Podcast surpassed 50,000 downloads within 6 months while ranking in the Top 65 Sports Podcasts in North America.
  • Achieved over 500,000 downloads and views combined over the past 8 years.

The idea of ChrisToplack.com has floated around in my mind for a number of years. This is a website that provides you with an overview of my experience and services while connecting with you. 

Welcome to my world. Welcome to my life. I can only hope that you take off your shoes and stay awhile.