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About Me

My full name is Christopher Toplack, but you can just call me Chris. I was born and raised in London, Ontario and throughout the course of my life, I enjoyed making others smile and laugh. I take a great deal of pride in knowing I am able to entertain and educate friends, family, co-workers, clients and even complete strangers. I am a freedom from concern.

I started volunteering in Radio Broadcasting at the age of 18 by gaining valuable experience at Radio Western. I later attended Fanshawe College where I graduated from the Radio Broadcasting program making Dean’s List. I packed up my bags and moved to Sarnia, Ontario where I enjoyed a 3-year plus stay at Blackburn Radio. During my tenure with the company, I was able to rapidly climb the on-air ranks due to my loyal audience and outgoing personality. By 24 years old, I was hosting, producing and developing my own daily morning radio show, which is the prime spot for any on-air personality.

After achieving all of my radio related goals in a short period of time, I parted ways with my first true love and radically altered my career trajectory. I soon worked in Admissions at Westervelt College where I conducted student interviews to determine the best fit among program choices based on career goals and personal suitability while providing coaching. Concurrently, I acted as the Social Media Manager and the voice of the college online. 

After nearly three years of working in private education, I joined a start-up software company by the name of Media Sonar where I pioneered several roles. This eventually led me to oversee the training and customer experience for both internal and external stakeholders while acting as the platform’s expert user. My proudest achievement was hosting a one-hour seminar on Social Media Intelligence for Youth Cases at the August 2016 Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas.  

In an effort to continue expanding my skillset, I dove into the world of digital marketing as Project Manager Northern Commerce.  In this role, I lead project teams through the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing phases, as necessary, to complete a project. 

Currently, I am a Corporate Trainer at Ontario’s leading private provider of workplace health and safety training, OSG. In this role, I create, implement and present onboarding and training programs, module summaries, videos, and presentations, train and guide new employees, conduct sales training, etablish company-wide best practices and collaborate with management and other departments to identify company training needs.

Since leaving radio, I also established myself as an independent voice-over artist that sees me constantly develop my voice and style to suit the needs of a project; study and rehearse lines with the appropriate expression for presenting material for tutorials, commercials, videos, and promos. My voice can be heard locally and even in faraway places such as Perth, Australia. Within the past two years, I became the voice of a series of workplace tutorial videos for one of Canada’s largest retailers along with one of the biggest automobile companies in the world. Most recently, I became the voice behind several City of Toronto initiatives.

I also developed, produced and hosted several sponsored UFC/WWE related podcasts including Ultimate Fighting Weekly, Talking Combat with Chris Toplack, Ask The Top. My current endeavour, The Signature Spot with Chris Toplack is readily available on YouTube, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker and supported by several partner websites. The show averages upwards of 1,000-2,000 listeners per episode. 

The idea of has floated around in my mind for a number of years. I wanted to create a website that included my voice over examples, sponsored WWE/UFC podcasts along with my personal opinions. is all about connecting with you!

Welcome to my world. Welcome to my life. I can only hope that you take off your shoes and stay a while.