ChrisToplack | A Special Announcement
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A Special Announcement

A Special Announcement

First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every person who has ever visited my website, “Liked” my Facebook Fan Page or “Followed” me on Twitter. I thoroughly enjoy entertaining others with my blogs, statuses, opinions and Ultimate Fighting Weekly Podcast. It’s time to take the next step!

I’m pleased to announce my next project, “The Chris Toplack Show.”

The Backstory 

I had a brief, but very successful career as a radio personality. Ever since the age of 9, it was a vivd dream of mine to host a morning radio program and I accomplished that goal at the age of 24. The only thing missing was my full creative input. I felt as though I never fully had a chance to spread my wings as a personality. This was a major factor in my decision to leave the entire industry despite offers to continue in it. I still had a strong desire to create a program that was both entertaining and informative while maintaining my creative control. My hope was that it could appeal to a fairly broad range of listeners. After settling back in London, starting a new career and finally enjoying my current situation in life, I realized that now is the opportune time to take that next step.

What To Expect

  • Comedy
  • News
  • Opinions
  • Advice
  • Guests
  • Music
  • Stories

The recording area is in the process of being completed, as the new move will be complete in just a matter of weeks. I am excited about the possibilities of this new program. My goal is to have it available on a weekly basis on either YouTube or iTunes. I’m looking forward to this new journey and hope you’re willing to join me on the ride. 

More details to follow soon! 


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