Part 2: Ranking My Favourite Black Mirror Episodes

I simply couldn't help myself and completed Black Mirror Season 4 on the day it was released. Hang the DJ has become one of my favourite episodes to date.

Updated my ranking list to include all Season 4 episodes which are in bold. Again, this was put together after first-time viewings.

1. The Entire History of You 
2. White Christmas 
3. *Hang the DJ*
4. Shut Up and Dance
5. White Bear
6. Be Right Back 
7. San Junipero 
8. *Black Museum* 
9. *USS Callister*
10. Playtest 
11. Nosedive
12. *Metalhead*
13. The National Anthem 
14. *Crocodile*
15. *Arkangel* 
16. Fifteen Million Merits
17. Men Against Fire
18. Hated in the Nation 
19. The Waldo Moment



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